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Born in Nantes, in the west of France, Franck has always been interested in animals. As a child, he spent a great part of his holidays in Brittany with his grandmother who has made him discover horses when he was five years old.
Later on, living on the Basque coast in Anglet opposite to a horse club, he spent all his free time there riding and taking care of the horses.
Franck entered to the college, but he was thinking more and more of horses. In 1984 he has been received to the entrance examination of the National school of the studfarms, at the National stud of the Pin, in Normandy.
Franck has been studying in this school where all that relates to horses is taught for three years.

In July 1987, after an experience in the field of race training as well as in the field of CCE and CSO (an activity that he will carry on with the Arabians), he was approaching the age of military service.

His director suggested him to get into the Sport Center of Military Riding, so that he could stay in his domain.

His military service finished, his former riding teacher proposed him for some months a first work experience at the stud “Les Cruchettes” in Normandy. After that, he continued his work at a close breeding farm.

In summer, when he finished his work there, Franck came back home to the Pyrenees Atlantiques.

From there he joined Mr. and Mrs. Valerio’s stud. It was the first time that he was in contact with Arabian horses, and it has been a real revelation.

From now on, his wishes and desires became more and more precise.


Franck continued to work at the national and international level of the Arabian horseworld. He aspires the trainer position at Mr. and Mrs. Calvets studfarm “Shamilah Arabians” in l’Yonne, and it was there where he got his professional apprenticeship from.
Franck spent one month in the United States at the Midwest-Trainingcenter and after that he left to Germany to work with Niko Jung at the Karolinenhof-stud, where they created a trainingcenter for arabian horses in 1998. After a whole showseason with some very good results, including not less than 20 classwinners and fifteen champions and reservechampions, they finished the year with several Top Five and Top Ten places at the worldchampionships in Paris.

When Karolinenhof couldn’t sustain the trainingcenter anymore, Franck left, after having been contacted by Mr. Ferdinand Huemer, to the studfarm of La Movida Arabians in Austria.

A new beginning and new horses allowed Franck to achieve new goals.

From 1999 until 2004 he added to his list of wins several national and international champion titels at different continents.

But, like at the other studfarms he had worked at before, a special horse crossed his way and, after Shamilah Samsara an LM Fellini, it’s Reza el Bri who allows him to reach the top.

Reza made her first steps into the showring during the year 2001, but the two had to wait until 2003 until they reached their hour of glory. They became
  • National champion of Austria
  • Reserve-Champion at the show in Borgloon/Belgium
  • Champion at the All Nations Cup in Aachen
  • Reserve Champion at the European Championships


After that success Franck felt that he had accomplished his goals in Austria, and although he really appreciated La Movida Arabians and the family of Mr. Huemer, he finally took the difficult decision to return to France.
This new step gives to Franck the possibility to find back the shows on the French environnement, his friends, back to the sources , but now stronger because of his international experience.
2005 will see new changements in his life, with, we hope, a lot of successes...


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